Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another Fitness blog

This was one of my first blogs on May 09, 2008

It is 0200, and I am so tired I can't sleep. I have been developing a new workout strategy. Periodizing workouts are common. It breaks up the monotony of doing the same thing over and over. It also lets you focus on multiple goals. I like doing short cycles (a little ADD). I admit that I probably change more often then I should. I love to do a month or two month periods. For me, it keeps my workouts interesting, and it is just long enough that progress can be made. The proper period according to most of what I have read is three months long.

I like to focus my periods on either strength or strength endurance. When in a strength cycle there should be a tendency to gain weight. You should not be fighting hunger pains when you are working on a 400lb. deadlift. Most people say you need the weight to help move the weight. I do not believe that that is precisely true. You do need the energy to move a weight though, and if you are eating well, taking in enough carbohydrates, and protein, then you will have energy.

On the other hand, strength endurance lends well to losing excess body fat. You can get very lean on a good strength endurance plan alone. You will plateau more quickly without diet, but you will lose some body fat.

Right now I am working a strength endurance cycle. Most of my workouts are full body. I like submaximal lifts for this. Kettlebells work great but so does the bar. Body weight exercises are great also. I love burpees, dive bombers, and get-up squat jumps. Get-up squat jumps are actually three exercises done sequentially. You lie on your back jump to your feet, squat, and jump. Then you lie back down. Fun? Try doing 20. Now try doing 3 sets of 10 with a 35lb. plate with a press when you jump. You don't need rest only 45 seconds. Now that is fun

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